At CityMark FCU, you qualify for a totally free Mastercard debit card. You can use your debit/check card at participating locations, and at any ATM machine. With the ability to access your account anytime, anywhere, you will always have “cash on hand.”

Quick Facts

  • Free debit/check card

  • Unlimited ATM transactions

  • Unlimited pin-based transactions (debit)

  • Free overdraft protection

  • Free direct deposit/payroll deduction

  • POS (point of sale) daily limit – $1,500 (call for an increase)

  • ATM withdrawal daily limit – $600 (call for an increase)


Download our MyMobileMoney app to help manage your debit card.


  • Turn your card on and off

  • Get instantaneous alerts to all pending transactions

  • Report your card lost/stolen

  • Get real time fraud alerts

  • Sign up for alerts on multiple cards 

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